Archives: June 1, 2021

Padel, Paddle, Tennis?

A lot of people are confused about the name of the game.

Its origins are in Mexico and the game was developed and introduced further in Spain and Argentina, therefor we take a look at The Dictionary of the Spanish Language, and find the word pádel.

In the Netherlands they stress a different syllable, resulting in: padèl.
In English they call the game paddle tennis. However according to wikipedia, paddle tennis actually represents a different game.

That is why we prefer to use the Spanish name; pádel, with emphasis on the first syllable of the word. Do you wish to learn more about the game? Come and join us! We can show you all about the rules, the field position, the basic techniques and a lot more!

History of Padel

The game was invented in Mexico and is based on Platform Tennis. Enrique Corcuera in 1969 decided to adapt his Squash court and created a game he called: “Paddle Corcuera”.

A spanish friend of Enrique tried his game and fell in love with it. He introduced the game in Spain in 1974 and created the first two Padel courts in Marbella. It took around 25 years for the game to be extended all over Spain.

With over a 1000 clubs, in 2005 the most important Padel Associations in Spain decided together to establish an International Championship played fully in Spain. This was the beginning of Padel Pro Tour.
In 2013 World Padel Series was founded as the most important, prestigious and professional Padel Championship worldwide in replacement of Padel Pro Tour.

Padel is now the fastest growing racket sport in the world and we are proud to be able to offer you a real spanish padel experience!