Sportscamps at Costa Blanca, Spain

The spanish padel

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Padel Training Camps for all levels, ages and nationalities. We arrange for your full stay; accommodation including training, competition and optional activities and facilities such as airport transfers, hiking trips and nights out.

A Spanish Padel Experience… experience it with us!



A triple based training focused on game tactics, playtechnique and agility


Mediteranean culture and beach life at the Costa Blanca


Your own perfect padel trip with our basic programs and add-on's.


Other padel players and holiday makers that love the game

We love the game

At Lavilaprocamps, it all starts with Padel and our love for the game as well as the Spanish Lifestyle.

Padel already exists over 25 years in Spain and is well-established in Spain with more than 1000 Clubs. As the first european country to adapt padel in their sportsculture, Spain is know for its advanced teachers and the greatest players of the world. 

For beginners and experienced players we offer programs in which you can play, improve yourself ánd get a taste of the Spanish lifestyle.

We are located in the part of Spain that is declared the healthiest living environment in Europe. This is partly due to the so-called microclimate, which means constant temperatures and high amount of sunny days to play padel the whole year around.