Play to Win; a private program

Do you want to book your individual program, other accommodation or book at different dates? This is the option for you! Put together your own program; you get to choose your dates, accommodation and private classes to help you reach your goals.  You choose the amount of training hours and the way you want to spend your free time, as well as the duration of your program.

Choose a date and accommodation; we will check availability or even help you find a perfect apartment or BnB in the area if you prefer. We have several contacts in the area to guarantee the best price and high quality.

Choose the amount of training hours and playtime during your stay and we will reserve the padelcourt and best trainer for your level.

Last but not least; we are here to make life easy for you. So let us know if we can help you with airport transfer, assistance, advice or activities / excursions you like during your stay.



You can spend your free time, as you like to. We offer some activities and excursions for you to book along side your stay, such as a rental bike to get around town, sports massages, hiking trips, city trips or other sports.