Why train in Spain

Padel exists in Spain over 25 years and is well-established int the country with more then 1000 clubs. Spanish people adapted padel in their sportsculture as the first of all european countrys and is known for its advanced teachers and brings forth some of the greatest players in the world.

The Costa Blanca has been declared the healthiest living environment in Europe, the mild winters and few rainy days, make the climate ideal to play padel outdoors, all year around.

We offer padel training and competitions at La Vila Padel Club in VilaJoyoisa. Owner Xavi Selles trains here with his team and is regularly visited by some of the big players in Spain. Xavi is also responsible for the team selection of the Comunidad Valencia in Spain and is hired by various international associations and federations for clinics.

 It is a small club with 4 padelfields which contributes to the personal atmosphere, that is set up within a residential area on walking distance of the sea. The nearby chiringuito (beachbar) is perfect for a drink and tapa after an intensive training session.



Xavi Selles is


As padel is a common sport in Spain, a lot of Spanish players are proud to be part of this culture. Each program we ask some local players to volunteer in a match with our clients, which they love to do.